LEGO® Star Wars™ Stormtrooper Clock and Watch Bundle

Item: 9002137-8020325 Brand: LEGO
Condition: New Manufacturer: ClicTime
Ages: 6+
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Stormtroopers serve as the major ground force across the galactic empire. As a Stormtrooper your duty is to enforce the rule of Emperor Palpatine and maintain order. Our LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper clock and watch bundle is highly equipped to deal with any situation. Using its toughened construction to protect against blaster fire and a clear display from which to receive orders, no wonder Stormtroopers are the most utilised ground force in the galaxy.

  • - LEGO Clock and LEGO Watch
  • - 2 Year EU Guarantee/2 Year US Guarantee
  • -Batteries included.