LEGO® City Policeman Minifigure Clock

Item: 9002274 Brand: LEGO
Condition: New Manufacturer: ClicTime
Ages: 6+
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Product Summary

Time to bring every petty thief in LEGO City to justice. Clean the street up with the help of your LEGO City Policeman minifigure clock. Use its smooth movements to chase goons through alleys and lay our roadblocks for those pesky speeders. Activate the backlight function to flush their hideouts and put them behind bars. The ideal addition to any law enforcer’s armoury.

  • - LEGO Clock
  • - 9.5 inches tall
  • - Alarm clock
  • - Snooze function
  • - Fully adjustable
  • - LCD screen with backlight
  • - Battery included
  • - Made from ABS
  • - 2 Year EU Guarantee/2 Year US Guarantee